About Us

KW ProfileKatherine Wiid

With over 18 years in the recruitment and career management world, I understand what organisations need and want from their staff; and what motivates people at work and how to perform at their best. This has enabled me to give career support and advice to thousands of working professionals in the UK, Eurpoe and South Africa across many cultures and job roles.

Motivators: I am fascinated by people and their careers, and prefer to listen and understand each person’s points of view before making suggestions. I thrive on being exposed to new challenges on a regular basis and understanding the why’s and what’s to get an overview of the situation. Language and words are a passion!

Achievements: Enhancing my intuitive understanding of what motivates individuals and how they work at their best, led me to studying extensively to become one of 550 Language and Behavioural Profilers in the world. I also joined Toastmasters International in 2014 and regularly speak at conferences and career related events.

When not at work: You will find me doing a yoga class or swimming as often as I have time for, spoiling my 2 cats and eating my husband’s wonderful home cooked meals!

Where did Career Ambitions begin?

In 2012, Lindsey Reed and I founded Career Ambitions together as our skills and values were complimentary and we both wanted to make a difference to people’s working lives.

In the summer of 2017, Lindsey started an exciting new chapter in her coaching career. She published her first book Got It!: The Answer to a Confident, Productive & Stress-Free Life and is now travelling the world running a series of workshops  helping people to have more joy and less stress in their lives. She is still available on Skype for transformative confidence coaching sessions.