Career Ambitions is embarking on an extensive research project to find out who our #leadinglights are in the UK. We are intrigued to learn the secrets behind their success. What are the attributes and skills they believe have contributed to this? We are modelling the best – the #leadinglights – so that we can share the skills and attributes they have to enable our clients to proactively manage and future proof their careers. Want to get involved? We are always on the hunt for more #leadinglights to interview and model! Head to our nominations page to nominate your #leadinglight today.

Simon Chaplin is the founder of Pull your Socks up, Simon Consultancy and owner of Greenstones Accountancy

Simon’s career attributes are: Be honest with yourself, Courage – believe in your own convictions, Collaboration – not them “us”

Doug Shaw escaped corporate life in 2008 to start his company Stop Doing Dumb Things to Customers. He is a social entrepreneur provoking and inspiring change in creative ways by leading from the front.Doug’s career attributes are: Find a way to be as comfortable as you can with Uncertainty, Be curious, Be yourself. David Crabb, Managing Director of Cambridge Online, transformed the company during the recession by looking beyond the job into people’s lives.David’s career attributes are: Be yourself, Be confident, Have the courage to express your opinions

Simon Chaplin

Doug Shaw

David Crabb

Simon Chaplin
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David is Group HR Director for Produce World – and far more that this. His natural enthusiasm for life and clarity of purpose results in high performing teams.

David’s career attributes are: Confidence in facilitating and influencing across an organisation (not just up and down!), Coaching (ie. not always providing the answers), Respect for all.

Keren Limor-Waisberg is founder of a Scientific Literacy Tool that promotes literacy, communication and collaboration in every area of science.Keren’s career attributes are: Be honest with yourself and appreciate who you are; Promote what you have – don’t be embarrassed by what you haven’t got; Be humble and courageous. Charron Puglsey-Hill is an Artist who, in a short space of time has evoked much interest in her wonderful bright and happy paintings.Charron’s career attributes are: Trust your gut instincts; Be genuine and authentic; Build a strong team to support one another.

David Frost

Keren Limor-Waisberg

Charron Pugsley-Hill

david frost
Keren Limor-Waisberg Charron Pugsley-Hill Face
Nigel Hetherington has made significant contributions to professionalising Athletics in the UK, developing sporting talent as far afield as Singapore & currently a UK Anti-Doping National Trainer.
Nigel’s career attributes are:  Be prepared to react and respond to opportunities, Embrace change, It doesn’t matter what you do in your career as long as you’ve given it your best shot.
Frances Preston is a Serial Entrepreneur. If she sees a need that she believes can create change for the better – she will make that change – using her “can Do” attitude, creativity and skill of delegating.
Frances’s career attributes are: Go with your gut; Patience is for losers; Delegate the stuff others can do so you leave space for thinking and doing what you want to do.
David Whitaker’s success as a leader in Sales and Marketing for the Fragrance and Flavour Industry is that he builds lasting relationships built on trust and exceptional customer service.David’s career attributes are:  Be honest in everything you do, be open to learn and understand what you don’t know, satisfy whatever needs your customer has.

Nigel Hetherington

Frances Preston

David Whitaker

Nigel Hetherington
Frances Preston
David Whitaker

Jo Cullen is the Group Head of Information Systems for Bakkavor.  Refreshingly, Jo is an authentic leader without the need for egotism.

Jo’s career attributes are:  Maintain your integrity, have a clear vision, respect the people who will help you deliver that vision (nothing is achieved alone, it is about team work).

Pat founded Dreamflight charity that annually takes children with serious illness or disability on the holiday to Florida. Working tirelessly organising and raising funds, these children can discover independence, confidence, and a whole new outlook on life.

Patricia’s nominations for career attributes :  help people and children to achieve their dreams, encourage people to believe in themselves, set goals and aim to achieve those goals for yourself.

During a tour of Afghanistan as member of the British Army Parachute Regiment, Jaco Van Gass sustained severe life changing injuries. Since then, he has overcome adversity: completed downhill race skiing, marathons, attempted to climb Mt Everest and now part of the GB Para cycling team, training to complete in 2016 Para-Olympics.

Jaco’s nominations for career attributes: Passion – love what you’re doing in your career ; break down goals into smaller achievable goals; constantly challenge yourself.

Jo Cullen

Patricia Pearce MBE

Jaco Van Gass

Jo Cullen Pat Pearce 2 #leadinglight J Van Gass2
If you would like to nominate a #leadinglight, please go to our nominations page. We’d love to hear from you. If you would like to nominate a #leadinglight, please go to our nominations page. We’d love to hear from you. If you would like to nominate a #leadinglight, please go to our nominations page. We’d love to hear from you.

Who is the next Leading Light?

Who is the next Leading Light?

Who is the next Leading Light?

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