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Charron Pugsley-HillCharron Pugsley-Hill is an Artist. She doesn’t “lead” people or run a large company. I have chosen Charron as a #leadinglight as she demonstrates the essence of self-leadership. Her achievements in the past few years and her vision for how she can use her art to create a better future for all are truly inspirational.

Bio: Charron is heavily influenced by her father, who shared his interest in the environment and volunteering with her when she was a child. He would often take Charron bird watching at dawn and inspired her to make a difference to people and the world. When Charron joined English Nature, she was given the freedom to start new initiatives: working with disadvantaged people on the periphery of society to engage with them to appreciate the British Countryside; getting actively involved in high profile conservation campaigns such as obtaining a large nature reserve in Hampton, Peterborough to protect Great Crested Newts.

Then in 2010, Charron and her husband bought a painting. This inspired her to buy a huge canvas and paints and two weeks later she completed her first painting. Her career as a professional artist started in January 2012 – Charron exhibited one of her paintings at a local gallery which not only sold, but was voted Favourite Painting by the public.

Charron’s website is She has decided not to add her own stories to her paintings here as she would like people to think about their own emotions that her work evokes in them.

Why I nominate Charron as a #leading light

  • In 2 short years Charron has gone from selling her first painting to having a poster of her distinctive bright and colourful “Moonlight Meadow” plastered on Pimlico Underground station to coincide with the 30th Turner prize exhibition.
  • Charron is true to herself, her values and beliefs. She doesn’t compromise her ethics and recently turned down the opportunity to exhibit with Tracey Emmins and Banksie because it was connected to a political cause she didn’t believe in. Her energy is spent on using her art to support worthwhile causes like the NSPCC and other wildlife/environmental organisations.  Charron is designing a bangle to raise awareness of the devastating effects of cyber bullying in memory of her 15 year old niece Ciara who was a victim. Charron is driven to make a difference to the world.
  • Determined to make her passion and work as a professional artist sustainable, Charron constantly seeks out information and people she can learn from. She ignores the “that’s what we artists do” approach to developing her business – instead she can be found in international art magazines and at London networking groups. She has created a strong network of people around her with complementary skills who support each other.

Charron’s best read: The Horse Whisperer….because it’s about not giving up and finding the right support around you.

Charron’s nominations for Career Enhancing Attributes:  Trust your gut instincts; Be genuine and authentic; Build a strong team to support one another.

Nominated and modelled by Lindsey Reed

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