David Frost


david frostI met David in the foyer of a local hotel and, as usual, he greeted me with genuine warmth. We went for breakfast and this warmth spread to the waiters, receptionist – everyone. That’s David. He loves people – getting to know and connect with them.

I’ve known David for over 10 years now. We met at our children’s school PFA committee and spent many happy hours organising Auctions, Quiz nights and Fetes.

One might assume that David is in Education as he is fascinated by learning and education.  After watching the TV programme Education Yorkshire he contacted and met up with Jonny Mitchell, the Head of Thornhill Community Academy, just because he wanted to learn what made him tick!

David is in fact Group HR Director for Produce World – one of the largest expert growers and suppliers of fresh vegetables in Europe.  He says that whilst it’s great to be part of a business that grows and supplies healthy food products to consumers his key passion lies in the people; he loves creating an environment where people collaborate to deliver the business vision.

Why I nominate David as a #leading light

  • David sees the potential in everyone and genuinely cares about them. He oozes enthusiasm and loves to inspire people to develop and follow their dreams. He expands people’s minds in unusual ways by getting them to work with a Horse Whisperer or an Opera singer!
  • David lives by his values and shared with me the importance of the values at Produce World. Growing Trust, Collaboration, Responsibility, Learning, Innovation, Customer First (Internal & External) are not empty words – he lives and breathes them.  As a child, David watched his father devotedly care for a very wealthy family as their Butler.  David felt they “owned” his father – it seemed a 1 way relationship. David’s personal values of freedom, mutual trust and bringing people together have stemmed from this experience.
  • He is a visionary. David can see the future of Produce World in 3D. He has the knack of understanding how each team inter-relates with the other. If one area is changing, he intuitively knows the knock-on impact this may have and shares this insight so that teams collaborate and work together.

This testimonial on David’s LinkedIn Page depicts the essence of David:

David is a truly high-performing HR professional – blending a wonderful, natural enthusiasm for his work with real clarity of purpose in developing a high performing team at Produce World. He is also highly influential in how the Produce World board thinks, decides and behaves. Far more than just a highly effective Group HR Director!”

David’s best read:  A favourite book (amongst many!) is ‘Leading Out Loud’ by Terry Pearce.  This book had a huge impact on David’s approach to personal communication; encouraging him to be more open about feelings, emotion and personal experiences. 

David’s nominations for Career Enhancing Attributes:  Confidence in facilitating and influencing across an organisation (not just up and down!), Coaching (ie. not always providing the answers) and Respect for all.

Nominated and modelled by Lindsey Reed

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