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Doug Profile Pic copy1Where to begin describing the ebbs and flows of engaging with Doug – on the one hand he is unassuming and ordinary, on the other profound and life changing.

When I first met Doug in 2007, he was working as Head of Change in a large corporate, in a role which he sums up as having responsibility but no authority or autonomy. A role in which he was expected to deliver the board’s grandiose, well intentioned vision of change without the tools, resources and environment conducive to making it happen.

In 2008 he escaped, and unleashed his creative change consultancy business on the world, aptly named “Stop Doing Dumb Things to Customers.”  His first major customer service success was to help me out.  A certain bank had “lost” a significant amount of my money and after 6 months of being stonewalled, Doug picked up his guitar and posted  Ballad of Barclaycard on YouTube.  Who says social media doesn’t work? Doors opened, and my money miraculously turned up within a week!

Five years later, Doug continues to change the corporate world for the better by introducing small things that make a big difference.  Doug’s blog What Goes Around says it all!

Bio – social entrepreneur;  blogger;  public speaker;  facilitator of change by co-creating and doing co-active things with others; pioneer of using social media for good.

Why I nominate Doug as a #leadinglight:

  1. Left the security of a large corporate job in Change Management to start his own consultancy business to really make change happen.  His methods are effective because he respects individual’s fears and response to change and he never asks people to do something that he wouldn’t do.
  2. Does not compromise his values and beliefs – ever.  He admits he was a liability in the corporate world because he wasn’t prepared to pull the wool over customers’ eyes.  Doug believes that Trust is built by doing what you say you will do and by being Genuine.
  3. Freely admits he gets very anxious speaking in public, yet does it because his passion to inspire others to awaken their capabilities is so strong.  His speaking circuit includes master of ceremonies and key notes at conferences in Prague, Dubai, London, Illinois, Chicago, New York and Riga, Latvia.  Talk about getting into your courage zone and pushing through the fear barrier!

Doug’s best read:  “The Year without Pants” Scott Berkun because it’s about a forward-thinking company culture that gives employees freedom and independence but remains productive.  Here’s a synopsis of the book to try before you buy!

Doug’s most popular summer blog post:  “Patience – in under 11 seconds”

Doug’s nominations for Career Enhancing Attributes:  Find a way to be as comfortable as you can with uncertainty, Be curious, Be yourself.

Nominated and modelled by Katherine Wiid

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