Career Ambitions Club

The Career Ambitions Club is revolutionising the way individuals access career coaching services. It is a members-only club where you can get help, ideas and training to deal with challenges in the workplace and proactively manage your career.

Using advanced career tools previously reserved for high performers in large corporations the club enables you to assess your career options, develop greater self-awareness, plan your career progression, write powerful CVs, learn to market yourself, prepare for job interviews and much more.


For Individuals

For Companies

The Career Ambitions Club gives you the opportunity to spend time on yourself to gain fresh perspectives on your working life.  Support your staff to deal with change in the workplace and consider their future career options.

Below are a range of Career Coaching options enabling Career Ambitions Club Members to move away from uncertainty and take positive action and control of their careers.

Free membership Premium membership
£15 first month
£7.50 subsequent months
Professional membership
£45 first month
£30 subsequent months
Tips and “how to” Articles Y  Y  Y
Career Trends  Y  Y  Y
Inspirational Real-life Stories  Y  Y  Y
Suggested Reading  Y  Y  Y
Techniques to Overcome Career Crisis  Y  Y
“Jigsaw” Exercises to find your Ideal Career  Y  Y
CV Psychology – a Step by Step Guide  Y  Y
21st Century Job Searching Tips  Y  Y
How to Interview with Impact  Y  Y
Assigned Expert Career Coach  Y
Email Career Support  Y
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