Is your company making redundancies?

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Lately the headlines have been full of large companies making their employees redundant. And sadly, its true.  

Pre-Brexit, organisations are tightening their belts and preparing for the challenges that we are about to face. And as a result, we’ve seen an increasing number of companies and HR people coming to us asking for outplacement support to help their team through the redundancy process.

 So if the ‘R word’ is mentioned in your work place, how can you ensure the right support is in place?

Redundancy has been found to be hugely damaging to the mental health of all involved. That includes the senior management, the decision makers, the HR team, those made redundant and those that are left behind.

Redundancy leaves people with questions and worries, causing them to feel anxious about their career and future, unsure where to go next. A few questions we often hear:

Questions redundancy

Before these concerns become huge problems, it is the organisations responsibility to provide adequate support and to help their staff through the situation.

 If redundancy is affecting your workplace, its time to ask for support.

Don’t be left feeling anxious or worried about your position. Whether you are facing redundancy or you’ve remained in your job, the process can fuel worries and leave you unable to do your job (or move onto a new one). If you talk to your HR team or manager, they will be able to request outplacement support – giving you an impartial ear to air your worries and find a way forwards. The last thing your organisation will want is a demotivated and uneasy workforce!

What is outplacement support?

 As coaches, we provide outplacement support to many organisations and for many reasons. Recently, redundancy is often sadly the reason we are brought in.

What do we offer? A non-judgemental, impartial person for you to share your worries with. After all, it’s no good keeping these feelings bottled up. Whatever your questions and concerns, we are there to coach you through it to a more positive outlook and a proactive plan of action. Together we can look at your skills and see what tools you have in your back pocket that could open new doors. Is it time to change career? To try something new? Or does your workplace just need a more of a support network to keep communications open for those left behind?

The benefits of a strong support network are never ending.

Whilst dealing with redundancy, decision makers often neglect the after-care for their team. If you hear the Chinese whispers spreading among your colleagues, people feeling anxious or uncertain about the future, speak to your manager. Redundancy often sparks anxiety, a lack of productivity, increased staff turn over and an unhappy workplace.

Whether you’ve been made redundant, or your colleague has – ask your employers for support. Be proactive, and they’ll thank you for it in the long term!

If you would like to talk to Katherine about organising Outplacement Support for your organisation, please email her or call 01223 633535.

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