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Using Social Media to boost your job hunt

Unless you’ve spent the last four years living under a rock, you will have noticed the boom in popularity of social media websites.

Even the biggest social media sceptic is beginning to come around to the idea of posting their photos to Facebook, keeping up with the news on Twitter and networking round-the-clock on LinkedIn.

Times have changed.

Social media now plays a huge part in modern-day society, with people of all ages. Over half of the UK population now owns a Facebook account, with businesses also using a range of social media websites in an attempt to promote their services and connect with their customers.

But why is this relevant to your career? We’ve recently discussed the importance of networking when you’re looking to progress to a new job or career; now, social media websites give you the platform to do this 24/7.

Whilst no prospective employer is going to care about your postings regarding what you’ve had for breakfast on Facebook, it is important to consider your social media output.

If you’re a career professional, profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ form part of your overall ‘brand’. And this ‘brand’ may be considered by would-be employers.


This is no more apparent than on LinkedIn, the professional networking website that now has over 200 million worldwide users.

LinkedIn has completely changed the recruitment process; with more and more recruiters now scouring the social media website for the best candidates and, crucially, approaching them. This means that, simply by possessing a LinkedIn profile, passive candidates are becoming active.

Which, of course, means that it’s important to be utilising LinkedIn if you’re looking to progress your career.

21st Century Job Searching and Social Media – Get it Right!

As part of our triple-header of Get it Right! Masterclasses at New College Stamford, we will be hosting a free half-day workshop which discusses the use of social media in a job hunt in greater detail, giving you the best possible tips and practices to using websites such as LinkedIn to get ahead in your career.

This ‘hands-on’ Career Masterclass is taking place on Monday 18 March and will illustrate how to:

  • Build, manage and monitor your online Profile
  • Get warm Introductions
  • Get worthwhile online recommendations
  • Join LinkedIn Groups for professional development
  • Add Connections
  • Be found by employers and head-hunters
  • …And so much more!

For more details, and to find out how to book your place, click here.

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