Growth Mindset: Learning from Others


Growth mindsetWelcome to the first in our series, highlighting the importance of having a Growth Mindset. In the next few blogs, we’ll share with you how our #LeadingLights research project has allowed us to model plenty of aspirational people. Throughout the project we have discovered that they all share a common characteristic: a growth mindset. Could this be the secret to their success? We certainly think so!

Over the next few weeks, we will take a closer look at the growth attributes that these successful people boast, and discover how they could benefit you and your career…

Growth Attribute No.1: Learning from others

As #LeadingLight and entrepreneur Simon Chaplin rightly said, it’s all about collaboration: “never refer to your team as them – always us”. The difference between those with a growth mindset and a fixed mindset, is that people with a growth mindset are open to learning from others.

“Although bright people aren’t more likely to have growth mindsets, those with growth mindsets tend to become ‘brighter’ over time. Fortunately, we can change our mindset.” Dr. Carol Dweck

You may be highly skilled in one area, but let’s be honest, no ones perfect! Having the ability to look at others and identify the skills that they have that you could benefit from, is priceless. Modelling and learning from others allows you to expand your portfolio of skills. As Howard Gardner writes in his book Extraordinary Minds (1997): ‘exceptional individuals are especially talented at identifying their own strengths and weaknesses’.

What are your weaknesses, and who can you think of who you admire for having those skills? Not only will you end up with a new skill, but you’ll also be making yourself more valuable to your company or employer, as well as adding another tool to your belt!

In a team scenario, it’s important for all members to feel equal and valued. Peer mentoring encourages the barriers to be broken down, putting people on a level playing field.  At work is there a young intern who is amazing with technology? Why not do a skills swap? You could teach them something you know well, such as the art of presenting, and in return get 1-to-1 coaching to bring you up to speed with new technologies. Not only will this be empowering for the younger team member, it will also save money on unnecessary external training and resources. #LeadingLight Jo Cullen (Group Head of Information Systems for Bakkavor Group), stressed the importance of teamwork, pointing out that “nothing is achieved alone” and therefore it’s vital to “respect the team who will help you deliver your vision.”

There has been plenty of research into the benefits of learning recently. Many have found that lifelong learning has a positive effect on health and happiness – with the NHS even suggesting it can help to maintain and improve your mental health (read more here).

So what are you modelling and learn from others around you? Take your eyes off the screen and take a moment to think about friends, family and colleagues who inspire you like our #LeadingLights. It’s a two way street – by stepping into their shoes you learn from them and we are sure you have something to offer them in return.

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