Growth Mindset: Welcoming Feedback


Change rutWelcome to the second in our series, highlighting the importance of having a Growth Mindset.

Over the past year, our #LeadingLights research project has allowed us to model plenty of aspirational people. And throughout, we have discovered that they all share a common characteristic: a growth mindset. Could this be the secret to their success? We certainly think so!

In the previous blog, we looked at the importance of learning from others, and the positive benefit that can have not only on your CV, but also your team spirit, confidence and even mental health. This time we discover how welcoming feedback and being open to challenge could benefit you and your career…

Growth Attribute No.2: Welcoming feedback

Let’s be honest, not many people like being criticised or told they could have done something differently, or indeed, better. However, people with a growth mindset look at this criticism in a different light – rebranding it as welcoming feedback.

Constructive criticism has been found to have hugely positive effects on development: leading to improved performance, a steeper learning curve and ultimately increased personal growth (according to Todd Smith). How often do you ask your colleagues and peers for their opinion on your work? By welcoming feedback in order to improve your work you will become better at what you do! Our #LeadingLight David Whitaker has first hand experience of this following an intensive week on a Relationship Management Program run by Homi Mulla (in India). One of the key lessons he learnt was how to give and take good critique (as opposed to criticism).  He feels he is now always  “prepared to react and respond to opportunities.”

When someone suggests a way you could improve, remember that every single person on this planet is an individual, and will therefore offer a new perspective and opinion. Theirs may not match yours, and you may not agree with their suggestions, however by being curious rather than closed may lead to valuable learning!

Think of feedback as a discussion, rather than a one-way street. As #LeadingLights David Crabb and Simon Chaplin suggested, believe in yourself and your opinions! But take nothing as fact. And consider that on some occasions, you may not be right! But there is nothing wrong with that. Just think you are growing rather than standing still …

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