How to turn weaknesses into strengths


Turn Weaknesses into Strengths “What are your weaknesses?” 

 It’s a question that we’ve all heard. From job interviews, to annual reviews… So ask yourself, what are your weaknesses?

Perhaps you’re impatient. Maybe you are dis-organised, or stubborn. Awful, right? Who would want to employ you?

Hold on a second. Let’s flip those ‘weaknesses’ on their heads and turn weaknesses into strengths:

  •  Impatient? Actually you’re an extremely passionate person, who wants to act now and get the ball rolling!
  • Disorganised? You are probably a creative, who wouldn’t work well confined to structure and timetable.
  • Stubborn? Read “dedicated”. You know what you want to achieve and you know just how you’re going to get there.

When you put them like that, are those traits really weaknesses? Absolutely not. Yes, they may be areas that could do with improvement. But in reality, we can turn weaknesses into strengths; these can actually be perceived as strengths and vice versa. So identify your weaknesses and then flip them!! See them in a different light.

“Believe in yourself. Our strengths grow out of our weakness.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

It’s all about mindset. We all have weaknesses, however it doesn’t take much to turn weaknesses into strengths that can actually enhance your career prospects.

One of our friends used to be very shy as a teenager. He found it difficult to start a conversation with a stranger. Over the years he has practiced and practiced. And now, he is amazing at chatting with people – engaging, asking open questions, interesting and interested.  In fact he didn’t realise that his weakness has now turned into his strength!

Once you’ve identified your weaknesses, instead of trying to ‘fix’ these, embrace the strengths that come hand in hand, and build on them.   Reframe these or decide to grow, and develop your skills and push your personal boundaries.

Katherine has done just that – pushed her personal boundaries. When we started our business together and ran our first career skills workshops, she would spend hours practicing and rehearsing as she was petrified of public speaking. She then pushed herself and joined Toastmasters. Through developing skills and overcoming fear she has been able to turn weaknesses into strengths. Two years later she now actively seeks out opportunities to speak in public.

We are often told to only ‘play to our strengths’. But actually, in order to achieve greater career success, should we be taking risks and paying more attention to our weaknesses?

“Success is achieved by developing our strengths, not by eliminating our weaknesses.” Marilyn Vos Savant

Next time someone asks what your weaknesses are, what will you say?

Get in touch with Katherine or Lindsey at Career Ambitions today and find out how we could help to accelerate your career, so you can turn weaknesses into strengths or book onto our next Career Clinic.

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