Career Profiling using the LAB Profile


Some of our most difficult decisions are about what kind of job we like or should have.

For most of us it takes a lifetime to understand enough about ourselves to know if we will match up to new careers, academic choices or work environments.

What would it be like to determine exactly what motivates you at work and, crucially, the sort of jobs that your skills and motivations are suited to?  This may prevent you from moving into a job that may frustrate you – a costly mistake – and instead, give you the confidence to achieve your full potential instead of settling for second best.

We offer a career profiling system as part of our career management coaching called the Language and Behavioural (LAB) Profile.  The LAB Profile is an advanced communication tool based on Noam Chomsky’s research in the 1950’s in which he explored how people make sense of the world.  His work enables us to identify the traits that make the difference between behaviour that is very effective and behaviour that does not provide the desired results in a given context such as work.

Unlike a psychometric test, the LAB profile is carried out over the phone or face to face in normal conversation with our qualified LAB Profile Master Practitioner Katherine Wiid and takes about 30 – 45 minutes to complete.  This personal approach allows you to talk about your work in a relaxed manner without having to sit and complete a test!  She will then go through the LAB profile with you during an in-depth feedback session to enhance your ability to make decisions about your working life, improve your working relationships, plus teach you what language to use to influence others!

“I found your profiling to be very in-depth and believe it to be an accurate account of how I feel currently and how I work.”  Dr. Mark O’Connor PhD

If you would like to learn more about how to predict and understand your own behaviour at work, create an ideal work environment and understand and influence the people around you, contact us on 01223 633535 or

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