Your Staff

Your staff are without a doubt one of the greatest assets that a business can have. But without the right support and coaching, they can become a hindrance, and consequently bring the morale of the entire team down. With years of Career Coaching and leadership experience, we have put together a series of carefully planned workshops and programmes that support your staff right from the word go, ensuring a happy and healthy workplace!  

  • Outplacement workshops and 1:1 coaching that is flexible and provides practical and emotional support at a difficult time
  • Retain Key Employees so that you can improve staff retention levels and ensure that your key employees are motivated to stay
  • Managing change workshops and coaching to create visible changes in people’s perceptions and attitudes towards unavoidable change
  • Career Crafting is an effective retention tool that allows your key staff the opportunity to review their short and long-term goals and re-align their aspirations within your organisation
  • Returning to Work: Your First 3 Months is designed to support new Mothers who have been away from the workplace and for whom life has dramatically changed!
  • First 90 Days in a New Job helps your new employees adjust to their new working environment with a focus on effective communication to help their career transition go smoothly.

Our approach combines one to one coaching with telephone and email support.  We provide a confidential service that aims to ensure that your staff feel comfortable and able to speak openly about any concerns or issues they may be facing and enable them to achieve their potential. All of our programmes can be tailored to suit your needs, and to ensure that you get the best out of your team.

Get in touch today to find out how we can support you by either emailing or call Katherine or Lindsey on 01223 633535.