Career Crafting


Career Crafting is the process of employees redefining and
re-imagining their jobs in personally meaningful ways

Every job comes with a list of tasks, responsibilities and objectives to match the organisation’s needs. Recent studies by the CIPD have found that the UK workforce is more unhappy than ever before, with around 65% reporting that they currently feel dissatisfied and disengaged with work.

Getting your employees re-engaged by helping them identify what they enjoy and don’t enjoy, what skills they are currently using and where they could be put to better use results in them taking proactive steps to make small changes and craft a position that is meaningful to them. 

The aim of the Career Crafting programme isn’t to redefine their role. It’s simply to improve it, and therefore craft it into a position that is more meaningful for them! Not only will this benefit them, it will also ultimately benefit you, the employer, through increased employee job satisfaction.

Sam Luke“Katherine and Lindsay have worked with me over the last 3 years both to help me and my employees through career changes and challenges. On each occasion that we have worked together, I have been impressed with the professional way in which they work with their clients to achieve the best result for the individual. The results and satisfaction of their clients is testimony to the excellent job that they have done. I would have no hesitation in engaging them again or recommending them to others” Sam Luke, CEO, Cambridge

Our role as Career Management Coaches is to challenge your employees. We will guide and support them whether this is through increasing their self awareness and confidence, or allowing them to re-evaluate their goals and aspirations so that they can reach their full career potential.

For a confidential discussion to explore how we can support your employees, please contact Lindsey or Katherine on or 01223 633535

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