First 90 Days in a New Job


first 90 days pictureThe first 90 Days in a new job is about as daunting as it gets. From getting used to a new environment, to fitting in with a new team, learning new processes and taking on different responsibilities… there is just so much to take in and get your head around. Often, your staff can start off with excitement and keenness. Then the situation can become overwhelming for them; mistakes are made that could have easily been avoided.

The key to a successful settling-in-period is communication. The big ‘C’ is the crucial jigsaw piece that will allow your new members of the team to quickly and smoothly settle in. Great communication will help them to understand their new responsibilities, allow them to voice any concerns or worries they may have, better get to know their new colleagues and more effectively begin to contribute to the team.

Our First 90 Days in a New Job Programme will enable your staff to:

  • Develop a communications strategy 
  • Approach their communication with others with increased confidence
  • Improve their performance at work / networking situations through enhanced self – awareness
  • Manage their own as well as the expectations of others
  • Understand their own motivations and how they work at their best
  • Be aware of the motivations of others and the language to use to influence them
  • Identify their short term and long term Career goals and plan of action
  • Develop an inner confidence enabling them to deal with a variety of people and situations
  • And so much more – expect there to be a shift in their thinking!

Al Shah photo“Career Ambitions gave me clarity and support in just a few sessions that equated to significantly more help than 9 months with a global outplacement company that I know my former employer paid some £10k for! The support from Katherine and Lindsey extended to how my first day and few months could be approached to maximise my strengths and succeed during the probation period. I am indebted to these 2 ladies and their passion for helping executives find new roles.” Al Shah, Social Media Project Manager, GroupM.

If you would like to know more about how we can support your staff to quickly embed into their new role, contact us either by email: or call Katherine or Lindsey on 01223 633535.


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