Managing Change Workshops and Coaching


“We live in a world of unprecedented change. We are immersed in unpredictability and complexity.” Sue Knight, NLP at Work 3rd edition

Many of you will have broken the news to your teams about restructuring the business. Whether that means staff managing change of roles, having to relocate, the sale or partial closure of the business, the news can leave an unpleasant taste in people’s mouths with a fraught atmosphere leading to low productivity and stress. Unfortunately, being the bearer of bad news is part of the HR job description!

How we help the way managing change is delivered

We have used our years of coaching and management experience to put together a series of Managing Change Workshops, which have been proven to trigger visible change in people’s perceptions and attitudes towards unavoidable change.

What do we cover?

  • The workshops begin by enabling your teams to realise that everyone reacts differently – some thrive on managing change whereas others find it unsettling. This can lead to people alienating themselves from their colleagues, piling on the pressure and escalating the scenario. Often, change can spiral out of control so it’s important for people to gain perspective, something we have a lot of experience coaching clients with!
  • We enable people to understand that their emotional responses are normal, all part of the Change Curve, and can therefore be managed positively. By working through what is in their control and what isn’t, we find that people realise how unnecessary and energy draining worrying is! This allows them to identify just what they can control and can therefore get on with in a proactive way.
  • We encourage your staff to look at the change and new situation from different perspectives, experiencing it in the shoes of other people. Removing their blinkers allows them to see the bigger picture! In fact, often staff then recognise the change as a fantastic opportunity.

Through building trust using and encouraging open dialogue, listening and prompting your staff to embrace their feelings and put them to use, we provide an outlet that your team wouldn’t normally have at work, and this is an invaluable resource in contributing to the smooth restructuring of companies.

Client feedback, Ken Nelson Global Director Human Resources Harvard Bioscience, Inc.:

Ken Nelson

Ken Nelson

“Biochrom had a long history of 40 years on the Cambridge Science Park with long serving members of staff who were very proud of what they had achieved. They took personal ownership of the products and when the announcement was made to transfer manufacturing to the USA, the 30 affected staff responded in 2 ways:


– They felt they had lost control and weren’t confident people in the USA could work on the instruments to the same level they had
– They were shocked, angry and going through a myriad of emotions.


We approached Career Ambitions to run a series of Change Management Workshops for those leaving as well as those staying behind as it was important to have a third party who was not part of the management team to diffuse the situation. Within 3 to 4 weeks of the workshops, I noticed a change in behaviour from those who had attended the workshops. There was less confrontation, and the staff remaining no longer felt guilty. In addition, Katherine and Lindsey ran a series of CV and Interview skills workshops which the staff had requested quite soon after the Change Management Workshops.


Katherine and Lindsey have the ability to quickly grasp the fundamental dynamics of a Change situation and to custom-design events to recognise and manage them. Both are consummate professionals who, whilst showing sensitivity towards those affected by a Change situation, also have the strength and credibility to challenge misconceptions and perceptions.”


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