Retain Key Employees

Is your company…

  • Going through lots of change and restructuring, affecting staff morale?
  • Experiencing changes in people’s behaviours which are causing upset and disruption?
  • Facing the prospect of losing key skilled individuals who would be difficult to replace?

If change management is not in place, then employees can be left feeling vulnerable and are likely to walk out of the door. How can you improve your staff retention levels and ensure your key employees don’t hand in their notice?

Case Study: Retaining a Key Staff Member Suffering from Stress and Anxiety

An HR team we work with on a regular basis recently contacted us. They had identified a key member of staff who was suffering from anxiety and had been off work due to stress. They were concerned about losing them not only because the employee has fantastic potential. They also had a specialised skillset that the HR team was battling to recruit for.

To help them retain this key member of staff, we stepped in. We began with a chemistry meeting, to allow us to understand what coaching approach would work best for the individual. In this meeting we agreed terms such as confidentiality so that the employee would feel comfortable.

Katherine then carried out their LAB Profile over the phone, to listen to their language patterns and help them to decipher how they think, make decisions and behave at work. What Katherine discovered were specific aspects of their work that they had a block about. She recommended the employee have some sessions with Lindsey, who is an expert in working with confidence and anxiety.

Lindsey explored the employee’s issues and how they were affecting them; namely feeling stressed and overthinking. By sharing with that person the nature of how we think and how it affects us, the employee had a realisation that has enabled them to be more relaxed in all areas of their life. During the session, Lindsey also explored their values and what was important to them – allowing them to see why certain positions and jobs in the past had not suited them, while their current role did actually tick all the boxes!

For the final stage, Katherine did a LAB Profile of the employee’s team leader, who was eager to understand their own motivations and what language to use to keep their employee motivated. A joint feedback session allowed the team leader and employee to better understand how they are motivated in order to improve their communication and reduce stress.

The result? The key member of staff was retained and is now back at work, feeling less stressed and therefore being more productive:

Both Katherine and Lindsey were friendly and enthusiastic, and managed to make what could have been daunting sessions fun. I’ve learned the key requirements that I need for a fulfilling role. More importantly, I’ve learned how to handle stress and anxiety in a more robust way, and as a result feel unshackled from the thoughts that were holding me back.Senior Software Engineer, Cambridge

It was a positive result for the HR team too, who avoided having to frantically recruit to fill a vital role, as well as retaining a key employee with great potential. And the workplace equilibrium has been restored!

Are you concerned about losing a key member of staff?

Get in touch with Katherine and Lindsey to find out how we could help you to retain your key employees and avoid an unpleasant and costly situation.