Returning to Work


Returning to Work: the first 3 months

When professional women leave the workplace to have children, everything changes. Becoming a Mum means new responsibilities and priorities, which can often make returning to work extremely tough. Whether it’s getting used to juggling your time, dealing with a lack of sleep, experiencing separation anxiety… the worries are endless!

And it’s not just the new mum that will have changed; the workplace is bound to have too. Whether its new members of the team, new skills required, technology changes, or other office changes, all can exacerbate the feeling of being out of touch and ill equipped to go back to work. All of these factors can make returning to work extremely daunting, and put a huge dent in their self-esteem. At the start, many returners will feel that they simply can’t be a good mum and a good employee at the same time! But this is not the case.

Our Returning to Work programme is designed specially to assist your employees heading back into the work place. It gives them the opportunity to voice their concerns, and work through their fears, allowing them to gain perspective.

What will your staff gain from our Returning to Work: the first 3 months program?

  • Redefine their career goals and values
  • Gain self-confidence
  • Have time to express concerns confidentially with an independent coach
  • Find new perspectives to any anxiety or worry
  • Establish practical solutions to conflicts of childcare and work.

If you would like to know more about how we can support your staff to make a smooth transition back to work, contact us either by email: or call Katherine or Lindsey on 01223 633535.

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