Resilience shutterstock_300737174Welcome to the fifth in our series, highlighting the importance of having a Growth Mindset. Over the past few months, our #LeadingLights research project has allowed us to model plenty of aspirational people. And throughout, we have discovered that they all share a common characteristic: a growth mindset.

Could this be the secret to their leadership success? We certainly think so! In the final instalment, we discuss the value of learning to overcome stumbling blocks on the path to success…

Growth Attribute No.5.  Resilience

 Being resilient in the face of obstacles and setbacks is easier said than done, we know! Trust us, we have been there. You step out onto the road to success and bang, you come face to face with an obstacle. What happens next could mean the difference between success and failure. Do you find a way round, or do you take the easy road back to where you’ve come?

Those of us with a growth mindset would instantly choose the first option, while those with a fixed mindset would turn their backs, never knowing what might have lay in wait just past that obstacle!

“Most great people have attained their greatest success just one step beyond their greatest failure.” Napoleon Hill

One of the keys to being successful in life is resilience. We can’t always predict what life will throw at us, so we need to prepare to be surprised. Embrace challenges, and as #LeadingLight Doug Shaw recommends, “find a way to be as comfortable as you can with uncertainty”.

We’re not suggesting you leap off any cliffs, but in life it can pay off to take a few risks here and there. And why wait? “Patience is for losers” says serial entrepreneur and #LeadingLight Frances Preston.  Perhaps she’s right. We aren’t going to be here forever, we have to live for the moment and take advantage of every opportunity that arises. Don’t let anything hold you back or knock you down (at least for longer than 10 seconds unless you want to be thrown out of the ring!).

Nothing worth doing is ever easy. Otherwise everyone would be doing it!

 “The passion for stretching yourself and sticking to it, even (or especially) when it’s not going well, is the hallmark of the growth mindset. This is the mindset that allows people to thrive during some of the most challenging times in their lives.” Dr. Carol Dweck

And so we end our series exploring the attributes of a Growth Mindset. We hope we have opened your mind to a new and rewarding way of thinking that will help you to keep aiming for the stars!

Not sure whether you have a fixed or growth mindset? Book a one-to-one LAB profiling session with Katherine or Lindsey and we can help to determine and fine-tune your mindset. Either call 01223 633535 or email us today.

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