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Work-life balance is to blame for almost 30% of employee departures. Has a lack of balance ever forced you to resign from a job? 

In 2017 we’ve seen a lot of change, from Prime Ministers to Presidents and everything in between… and of course, the world of work is changing too. Brexit uncertainty has significantly impacted the European job market, with more people seeking jobs closer to home.

With change comes opportunity, and we believe that in 2018 there’s going to be huge change in the UK job market. Employees are demanding more flexible working opportunities and employers are starting to respond.

How could flexible working opportunities benefit you?

For many, work-life balance is something that seems unattainable. But that’s not the way it has to be. Sara Horsfall of Ginibee, has created a platform that allows employers to open their roles (however senior) to talent partnerships. Think job-sharing, but without the chaos!

Talent partnerships allow you to take on a full-time, high-level role but to share that responsibility with another talented professional. Meaning that you can retain a healthy work-life balance, without sacrificing your career.

How do talent partnerships work?

Two talented professionals choose to take on one full-time role and share it between them. This allows them to deliver more than full-time, and ultimately more than a single employee ever could (in terms of productivity, efficiency, skills and experience). So employees get a work-life balance, while employers get great value for money!

What are the benefits of entering into a talent partnership? 

Talent partnerships offer a fantastic opportunity when you have other priorities besides career, whatever they may be. You don’t want to give up your career, and you shouldn’t have to! By forming a talent partnership you are offering employers two for the price of one. However you will also gain from this setup:

  • Better health (mental, physical and emotional)
  • The opportunity to continue your career and development, at whatever level
  • A fulfilling role that leaves you mentally stimulated and feeling motivated
  • The chance to work alongside another talented professional who may have complementary skills or experience – learning from one another on the job
  • A healthy work-life balance.

Our Christmas message from Career Ambitions to you…

In 2018 there will be increasing demand for flexible working opportunities, and in response more opportunities. Be open-minded to these, and find a career that really works for you.

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