What’s in your Transferable Skills tool belt?


Are you dreaming about starting a new career, but are scared that you don’t have the skills or experience to succeed?

Tool BoxWith so many people fighting for every job vacancy, it can be pretty daunting leaving a job and changing career path. Not only is the competition getting stiffer, but employers are increasingly wanting more for their money, so it’s crucial to be able to not only fulfill but exceed their expectations. Because if you don’t, then someone else probably will!

The first step is all about polishing your CV to make it really shine. Your CV is your first impression on a potential new employer, so it’s a crucial hurdle that needs to be leapt! Once it’s on the desk in front of them, you only have a few minutes to really get their attention, so you need to ensure that you are going to tick their boxes.

One of the biggest boxes to tick these days is transferable skills. These are what make a great member of staff into an invaluable one.

Transferable skills

These are the skills that everyone gains over time, and can be taken with you from job to job, whatever the industry! Many people think that when changing career they have nothing to offer from previous roles and experience. However, this isn’t true! Transferable skills are qualities such as good communication skills, quick decision making, being organized or working well in a team. Everyone has them!

So, what transferable skills do you have?

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