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Get the most out of your people with tailored outplacement and career development coaching. 


The essential ingredient for all careers is motivation.

Katherine Wiid coaches career professionals to be consciously aware of what drives them, how they process information and how they make decisions. Her career coaching is thought provoking and facilitates awareness and understanding of what each client needs to do to manage their careers successfully.

Katherine has more than 23 years in recruitment and career management and understands what motivates people at work and how to get the most from their careers. She has given career coaching support and advice to thousands of working professionals in the UK, Europe and South Africa across many cultures and job roles.




Career Coaching For You

We help you focus on what is possible in your career – not just what the problem is. By asking those challenging questions that you have perhaps been putting off asking yourself, unlocks your potential and creates more possibility than you ever imagined. There is a meaningful and enjoyable career out there for every single one of us and we are dedicated to working with you to achieve it.

How can we support you? 

We offer flexible, personalised career coaching that will help you get your career back on track, whatever situation you’ve found yourself in…


Is your confidence at work sinking lower each day? Have you been made redundant? Or feel undervalued in the work place? Your career – or lack of one – can affect not just your working life, but your personal life and stress levels. We are here to get your career back on track.


Unsure of your next career move or what’s the right career path for you? Together, we can explore your motivations at work, uncover your skills and passions one step at a time and map-out your future career to ensure you make the right career decisions.


Feeling out-of-touch when it comes to the fast-changing job market?  We work with you to market yourself and increase your visibility. There are so many different avenues to Job Searching it’s important to understand where to put in the effort to get the response you need.


Keen to take the next step up in your career? Through 1:1 coaching we raise your awareness of how you make decisions and instinctively interact with stakeholders, and coach you to adapt your language patterns to influence them more effectively. 

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our career coaching clients say:

“Talking at length to Katherine as an independent person about what next for me in my career helped me face my fear of change. It propped me up and was a motivator after what seemed like a kick in the teeth from my previous employers.”

Wyn Forrest-Owen

“I really liked the way Katherine took the time to speak to me at my pace. She got me thinking hard for myself instead of doing the thinking for me and subtly guided me in the right direction. I have no hesitation in recommending her.”

Su Nutt

“Katherine helped me to structure and prioritise my career paths and made suggestions which really helped my CV stand out when applying to sought after roles. This gave me the confidence to reach higher and resulted in me landing a dream job.”

Jonathan Reichert

“Using simple and understandable techniques Katherine equipped me with powerful career development tools. I left the last session charged with confidence and a clear vision of the next step in my career.”


Career Coaching For Your Staff

Your staff are without a doubt one of the greatest assets that a business can have. But without the right support and coaching, they can be a handicap and affect team morale. Our confidential career management coaching ensures that your staff feel comfortable and able to speak openly about any concerns or issues they may be facing to enable them to achieve their full potential.


Supporting the emotions and practical career transition needs of your staff when you are in the process of restructuring your business. Our tailored coaching helps each individual move away from anxiety and uncertainty to exploring the possibilities in their future careers.


Is your business going through change and restructuring, affecting staff morale? Are you experiencing changes in people’s behaviours that are causing upset and disruption? Coaching key individuals can restore workplace equilibrium and is an effective retention tool.


Every job role comes with a list of tasks and objectives to match the organisation’s needs. The aim of this programme isn’t to redefine your employee’s role – it’s to improve it by guiding and supporting them to re-evaluate their goals and aspirations, making the role more meaningful for them.


Our confidential career management coaching assists your employees to make the adjustments they need when heading back into the work place. We ensure they feel comfortable about addressing their concerns and work through these to ensure a smooth transition.

Corporate Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our corporate career coaching clients say:

“We approached Career Ambitions for support when the announcement was made to transfer manufacturing to the USA. It was important to have a third party who was not part of the management team to diffuse the situation. Within 3-4 weeks, I noticed a change in behaviour from staff. There was less confrontation, and the staff who were remaining no longer felt guilty. I would recommend Career Ambitions to other organisations who need sensitively delivered, practical support during difficult times. They have the ability to quickly grasp the fundamental dynamics of a change situation and to custom-design events to recognise and manage them. They are consummate professionals who, whilst showing sensitivity towards those affected by a change situation, also have the strength and credibility to challenge misconceptions and perceptions.”

Ken Nelson

Global Director Human Resources Harvard Bioscience, Inc.

“I am in the slightly unusual position of having worked with Katherine both to help me and employees that reported to me, as we worked through career changes. She takes great care to understand her client’s experience and what they want from the future. She challenges them, asking uncomfortable questions, and uses this to get a really good understanding of their current situation, experience and career goals. This thorough approach goes far beyond just writing a good CV or LinkedIn Profile and doing some interview practice. In every case that I have worked with her (including myself), Katherine has achieved excellent outcomes. If you are looking to change your own career or are making changes in your organisation that will result in team members having to move on, I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Sam Luke

CEO, Biochrom (currently Vice President Service & Support EMEA, Illumina)

Career Profiling using the LAB Profile

As one of just 550 people in the world to have mastered a psycho linguistic conversational tool (the LAB Profile) Katherine works with her clients to pin point their motivation in the specific context of work. They don’t get ‘labelled’ or ‘put into a box’. Instead they become very clear on how they can change careers with confidence and operate at peak performance levels. The LAB Profiling and feedback sessions are thought provoking. They facilitate awareness and an understanding of what motivates them at work and the ideal work environment in which they can perform at their best.

Find out more about Career Profiling


“This experience was invaluable. It helped me clarify not only the importance of my own skill set and goals going forward but also helped me match these with the requirements of the role and the aspirations of the firm.” Sally Hartley
“LAB Profiling is a useful part of our employee’s personal development process – whilst most people know how they behave it is good sometimes for someone else to point it out. Thanks Katherine it was a very useful exercise and lots of people at KuDOS valued the process.” Siobhan Shadwell, HR Manager, KuDOS Pharmaceuticals / Astra Zeneca

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