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Are you getting your (personal development) five-a-day?

Are you getting your (personal development) five-a-day?

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Before you read on any further, I want to ask you a serious question… How often do you step outside of your comfort zone at work?

As kids, we’re frequently learning and developing. But as adults, we neglect our own personal development. It’s no surprise that this can leave us in a career rut – unsure where to go next and stuck in a role that no longer excites us. Especially with the fast-moving pace of the world of work. If you take your finger off the pulse, you’ll soon be left behind.

This month I’ve shared an article on LinkedIn that’s been gaining lots of engagement! It’s all about personal development, and how getting your five-a-day can help prolong your career (just as fruit and veg could prolong your life!).

I would love to know where you are on my personal development scale, and where you would like to be in 1/3/5 years time. And please do get in touch if you need a little help getting there!