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Making AI work in your career

Making AI work in your career

How do you feel about the rapid development in AI? Fascinated? Terrified? Maybe a little bit of both? Whilst the possibilities it offers are undoubtedly exciting, we’ve all seen the alarming predictions in the media about how AI could kill certain jobs – and this has left many of us feeling anxious about how our…
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Feel like a slave to your career?

Do you feel like a slave to your career? And if so, what could you do to free yourself?

Signpost in a city

Getting ahead in your career in an unpredictable world

How can you get ahead in your career in an unpredictable world that is ever-evolving?

Managing difficult interactions and situations at work better

So many of my clients can recall times when they had to manage a difficult or unpleasant situation at work – like making a person redundant, or taking them through a disciplinary procedure – and the wheels came off, despite their best efforts. Has this happened to you? If you wished you’d had some strategies…
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Career crisis

Facing a career crisis?

A career crisis – like losing our job or being treated unfairly at work – can trigger a storm of negative emotions that batter our self-worth and wreck our work identity. It’s perfectly normal to feel these emotions at difficult times in our work lives. But if we don’t let go of them, they can…
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Been made redundant

Have you been made redundant?

It’s hard to ignore that the World is in the grips of a crisis. Times like this often lead to people experiencing redundancy and losing our jobs.

Bad communication ruined your day?

Bad communication ruined your work day?

A key part of successfully managing your career is building good relationships with others – which is why developing effective communication skills is so crucial.

Communication is the key to career success

Communication: the key to career success

If you really want to start managing your own career, rather than sitting on the sidelines, the most obvious thing to do is to have a word with your boss.

Important conversation at work? Choose your moment carefully

Don’t you hate it when you try to talk to someone at work about something that’s bothering you and the communication goes wrong?

Change can be scary

Career Change can be scary, but don’t let it manage you

Career change can be scary, but it can also be an incredible opportunity to re-evaluate what it is you really want from your career. Whether you’ve been made redundant, or decided to leave your job of your own accord, managing a major change in your career can be challenging. There are so many different decisions…
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