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Firstly, well done on getting an interview! Think about it. You are only being offered an interview because the interviewer thinks you can do the job on offer. Not every applicant who applies for a job is seen. How many interviewers do you know who waste their time on candidates they don’t think can do the job?

Let’s zoom out a little here and think about the interviewer who has offered you an interview. Is the interviewer trained to interview? Does the interviewer have a structured way of getting the information they need to make a decision? Interesting thought isn’t it? Think about how you can assist the interviewer with information about yourself to help them make the right decision.

In this guide, I will be giving you tips and practical exercises to complete so that you will be in the driving seat in job interviews. You are in control of the information you give about yourself, and with a little thought and planning you can decide what questions you will be asked. Download the full guide below to read on…

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