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Negotiating a new job offer

Negotiating a new job offer

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So you’ve made it past the interview stage, congratulations! Now there’s a contract on the table, but it’s not quite what you were hoping for… it’s a situation that we’ve all been in. The key now is learning how to start negotiating a new job offer, in order to steer it in the direction you wish – and ultimately secure that dream job.

Did you know that only 37% of people always negotiate their salaries (according to a survey by Salary.com)? At first, negotiating a new job offer may seem scary. But what’s more frightening, is what you could miss out on if you don’t give it a go.

“Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” – Proverb

How, we hear you ask? Here are our top five most important things to keep in mind when negotiating a new job offer…

1. You’re negotiating a new job offer, not just a new salary…

For many people, contract negotiations are all about focusing on money. In reality, there are so many more valuable things that can be taken into consideration. When you’re thinking about job negotiations, take a step back and look at the whole package: will you be taking on new responsibilities? Is the location convenient or will there be lots of travelling? Will there be opportunities in the future for promotion and increased responsibility? Are they going to help you develop your skills with training? If you’re looking for a career with plenty of potential and longevity, rather than just a job, then all these factors should be significantly more important than salary.

2. Make them like you.

One of the most important tools in negotiating a new job offer is having the employer on your side. They have to really like you and already be able to imagine you as part of their team before they will fight for you! So be persistent, but don’t become a nuisance. And remember it’s important to avoid burning bridges – you never know when you will come across someone again in the future

3. Anticipate their needs.

Interesting research by psychologist Adam Galinsky found that if we take into consideration the other person’s thoughts and interests, the chances of finding a solution that works for both parties’ increases. Work out who they are and what they need. By showing that you can fulfil these needs, they are more likely to help you achieve your requests, in order to secure you as an employee. As Deepak Malhotra wrote: “people negotiate, not companies”.

4. Believe in yourself and your worth 100% before negotiating a new job offer.

If you don’t believe in yourself, then why should anyone else? When you’re negotiating a new job, it’s crucial that they believe you are worth their offer, otherwise they will feel like you’re wasting their time. So don’t just tell them what you want, justify it! Why should they give you that? What skills and qualities would you bring to their team?  You have to be confident in yourself and what you’re asking for. Psychologists have found that spending two minutes in a ‘Power Pose’ can increase your confidence, calm your nerves and even make you come across as more charismatic. So next time you’re about to go into job negotiations, pop to the bathroom, put your hands on your hips, spread your feet wide and hold your chin high…

5. Practice makes perfect.

Yes it’s that age-old saying once again… there is nothing better than some serious practice to prepare you for negotiations. Run through a fake scenario with a friend and practice all of our tips, so you’re prepared when the moment comes. And remember, being a good negotiator is a valuable skill, but it’s also a circus act that needs to be mastered. If it doesn’t work out the first time, think about what went wrong and how you could improve for next time. Try, try and try again!

So there you have it, our top five tips for negotiating a new job offer. But there’s one more thing… did you know that people have been found to become more flexible and accommodating towards the end of the week (according to Psychology Today)? Schedule your negotiations for a Thursday or Friday and you may just find your bargaining powers have extra strength. Good luck!


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