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Making AI work in your career

Making AI work in your career

How do you feel about the rapid development in AI? Fascinated? Terrified? Maybe a little bit of both? Whilst the possibilities it offers are undoubtedly exciting, we’ve all seen the alarming predictions in the media about how AI could kill certain jobs – and this has left many of us feeling anxious about how our…
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Change can be scary

Career Change can be scary, but don’t let it manage you

Career change can be scary, but it can also be an incredible opportunity to re-evaluate what it is you really want from your career. Whether you’ve been made redundant, or decided to leave your job of your own accord, managing a major change in your career can be challenging. There are so many different decisions…
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Thinking about a career change? Why the grass might not always be greener

Before you make a career change and leap into the unknown, just take a minute – those new pastures might not be quite as lush as you think

Career Change

What’s stopping you? Now is the time for a career change.

There are 1 million job vacancies. If you’re considering a career change, it’s time to show off your transferable skills and secure your dream job!

job market

Is the job market slowing down due to Brexit?

Many candidates have told me that they are worrying that the job market is slowing down due to Brexit. But what real evidence do they have?